Our Story

Beejou Craft Kombucha started with a mad scientist, a passion for health and nutrition, and a SCOBY. Six months after Beejou’s first batch was brewed, their customer base had grown so large that they had to turn their passion project into a business to accommodate the demands of their community. Without realizing it, the founders of Beejou discovered a need in their community. With the support of their friends, family, and Hive, founders Suhyoon and Daniel Wood began breaking ground on their brewery and taproom in January of 2020. Beejou’s signature blend of organic green tea and honey will have you ditch the dreaded “kombucha face” and keep you coming back for more!

Beejou is now Columbus, Georgia’s first and only small-batch craft kombucha company.

In the Media

If you’re interested in reading more about us, check out our In the Media page.

Meet the Team

Brew Witch & Founder

Health and wellness advocate,
fan of fitness and food, and the
mad scientist behind Beejou.


Numbers Guy

Avid outdoors-man, fitness
enthusiast, and the fellow
who forecasts the future of Beejou.