Suhyoon – Brew Witch, Founder.

For Suhyoon, food had always been her connection to her culture — it embodied love. But as she got older, she relied on her love of food too much and she suffered from it. In early 2015, Suhyoon realized that she needed to make a change, so she did. By the end of the year, she had lost forty five pounds. With her success in reclaiming her relationship with food, she realized that she wanted to help others do the same. After some time, she returned to school to pursue a Master’s Degree in dietetics. She often joked with her husband that her dream job would be a personal chef to an unnamed millionaire — wherein she could explore the intricacies of food, paired with her interest in science.

As an avid kombucha drinker, brewing kombucha had always piqued her interest, but she didn’t know where to start. She had always seen it as something she’d do eventually, when she got access to a SCOBY, but it wasn’t something she had actively sought out. Randomly, in early 2019, an acquaintance reached out and offered Suhyoon her first batch of starter tea.

She excitedly began her brew-witch journey into the art of kombucha brewing. Since table sugar is not consumed in her house, her first batches were made with black tea and honey. After a nudge from a returning customer, she decided to shift her black tea to green and realized that this was a far more palatable way to introduce new people to kombucha. Successful batch after successful batch, she realized she had accrued a substantial customer base, and decided to pursue the formation of her brand: Beejou Craft Kombucha.

Suhyoon handcrafts every batch, with love, passion, and care, because she genuinely believes in the art of healing others from the inside out.

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